Local Women: Jodie Cady

Jodi Cady is the definition of determination. This triathlon champ can plan events like it’s nobody’s business. As an MMPI (Michigan chapter of Meeting Professionals International) committee member, and past president she is the driving force behind MAR’s, and many others, social events. Cady is also a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP), and teaches CMP courses in her spare time. Q. How did you become interested in becoming an events coordinator? A: After graduating from Michigan State University (MSU) with a communications major, I met with a head hunter and she told me that events managing wasn’t an option. After a few years she called and told me she had a posting for a job in events managing. I’ve always enjoyed the details and logistics of event planning, so this was a huge opportunity. Q: What led to you earning the MMPI rising star award, and being named MMPI Planner of the year? A: Mostly my involvement with the chapter. I was chapter leader and chapter president and that was because I was always very passionate, and I’ve always been very active. I really just kind of believe that you get what you give. I gave a lot to the organization, so it’s easy for me to get back as well. Q: As an events coordinator, what is the highlight of putting events together? A: For me, with the association, it’s just having members telling me they enjoyed a speaker or presentation that I put together and that I created the event with them in mind. They find value in that.

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