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Occupation: Sterile Processing Technician Residence: Lansing Family: Husband, Eric; Daughters, Kacie and Heather Hobbies: Sewing, music, baking, camping Karen Hedin works as a Sterile Processing Technician at McLaren Greater Lansing, which means that she cleans and sterilizes tools for surgery and prepares the case carts for each and every kind of surgery. She needs to know the name and purpose for each of the tools along with what tools go with each surgery. It’s an interesting job that not many people think about, but it is very important part of the surgical process. Along with her job, Karen enjoys many different creative and delicious hobbies and traveling. Q: What do you like about your job? A: It feels good to know that I’m helping and contributing to people in need of help. I always look at it like it was my family that was getting surgery so that I make sure that everything is done and done right, because if it isn’t then it could mean somebody’s life. Q: What do you like to do for fun? A: I like to sew little hobby things like locker pockets that sit on the doors of lockers for extra storage and some scrub hats. I made a really nice Christmas tree skirt that took me a while, but it ended up really nice. I like to bake too. Q: What do you like to do with your family? A: We like to go camping at least once or twice a year. I like the fishing, walking and the nature of it. I enjoy the campfire and s’mores a lot as well as early morning campfire breakfast. There’s nothing better than bacon and eggs over an open fire. I also enjoy the traveling, like when my daughter and I took a trip down to Georgia, the drive through the mountains was really beautiful.

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