Local Women: Kathy Tasky

Occupation: Office manager with the Michigan Community College Association Residence:  Lansing Family: Son, Zachary Hobbies: Motorcycles, fly fishing, antiquing Kathy Tasky has always been an accounting woman working in banks, and she loves where her work has taken her. Today she is in charge of all financials for the Michigan Community College Association. She’s appreciative of the intimate group of people she gets to work with everyday. Just having moved to Lansing, she’s also very involved, most notably with planning fundraising events for the Michigan Pride Festival which happened last month. Q: Tell me about your work with the Michigan Community College Association (MCCA). A: I’ve been here for more than a year. The members of MCCA consist of the 28 community colleges in Michigan, and we’re a legislative lobbying group (that) helps pass laws which benefit community colleges. My role is doing all the financials and event planning. Q: How did you become interested in this field? A: I have a background in accounting and finance, and I’ve worked at banks my entire career. After my bank got sold in Gaylord, I worked in other fields like a finance manager for an auto dealership. I also like working for small, individual companies, and this one is amazing. Doing the accounting function for them felt like a perfect fit. I just recently moved to Lansing, and it was probably the best choice of my career. They’re so wonderful here, and I love Lansing so far. A lot of my friends live here, and my son doesn’t live far from here. Q: What do you like best about your work? A: There’s nothing I don’t like about it. We have a staff of seven people, three of us in the office full-time. It’s a very cohesive group. It’s amazing … I want everyone to experience what it’s like to have such a wonderful job such as this one. I’m more of a financial person, so the accounting functions I definitely like the best — most importantly, though, I like that I have a voice.

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