Local Women: Kristin Shelley

Breathing New Life Into East Lansing’s Library Kristin Shelley Director of East Lansing Public Library Did you think that the library was going out of style? Think again. Director of the East Lansing Public Library, Kristin Shelley, is making sure that won’t happen anytime soon. The Ohio native followed her love of knowledge and athenaeum to Michigan. Kristin loved the idea of coming to live in the thriving atmosphere of a college town. She worked as a manager for her hometown library, but decided that she wanted to look into an administrative position. As the director, she wears many hats. “From HR to fixing toilets, I do a little bit of everything,” she says. Kristin is passionate about not only keeping the library relevant, but also extending it past its four walls and bringing it into the community. Kristin is working to reinvent the library and engage a larger audience. Bringing in tablets to read on and 3-D printing machines are just a couple of the things that are updating how the library is used. She has also put together a lab that includes gaming for children, recording equipment, sewing machines and other creative outlets for visitors; adults and youth. One of the labs is located in the library, and the other is in a different building in the city. When Kristin isn’t dominating the world one innovative plan at a time, she is most likely is curled up reading a novel by one of her favorite authors, Toni Morrison. Kristin loves East Lansing and plans to continue educating and constructing positive outlets for the people in the community.

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