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Lisa Self/ Photo by Noelle Kirchmer

May was a special month for Holt resident Lisa Self. It marked the one-year anniversary of maintaining her weight loss of 113 pounds. In April 2011, Self realized she had enough of being the “fat friend,” and decided to give Weight Watchers a chance. “I had tried maybe four or five other times to lose weight, but I didn’t want it bad enough,” she explained. “This time was different, it felt different. It was my turn, and I was determined.” At her first meeting at Weight Watchers, Self said it was nothing but tears. She weighed in at 275 pounds, and her doctor said a healthy weight for her would be 165 pounds. In May 2012, Self got on the scale and weighed in at 162 pounds nearly a year after that first meeting. She did it. “I was amazed and shocked,” she said. “All my life I had ‘thunder thighs,’ even in high school, and after I had my kids, I never lost that weight.” Shortly after, her energy was up and she didn’t become breathless going up and down the stairs. Self said she was ready to share her journey with her friends on Facebook. “Everyone who hadn’t seen me was so excited for me, and that really motivated me,” she said. “People were so supportive and to hear that I was starting to encourage others into getting healthy was amazing.”

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