Local Women: Meg Campbell-Crawley


Photo by Mark Warner

Meg Campbell-Crawley is the owner and creative director of Twisted Fiber Art, a yarn making company with a colorful twist. Campbell-Crawley’s yarn changes color as you knit with it, meaning that the yarn is dyed many different colors. Nine years ago, working as a stay-at-home mom, Campbell-Crawley decided she wanted to make some extra money for her family, so she went to a yarn making class with her mother and fell in love with dying the yarn. Soon after, she started selling her creations online and before she knew it, she had her own space to sell inside Kean’s in downtown Mason. “I try to keep my business family and community oriented,” says Campbell-Crawley. She keeps much of her business in the Mason area by working with local people to produce anything she needs and also working to employ other housewives who would like to work, but need a flexible schedule for their families. Her husband Jeff, son Tobias and daughter Hazel all help out around the store. Her advice to others? “Trying something new is exciting, so get out there and try something new!”

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