Local Women: Olivia Martin

Day after day Olivia Martin helps families make financially smart decisions, but after hours you can always find her giving back. The University of Michigan graduate and foster mother said, “My dad has been in the financial industry for decades, so I grew up investing my savings in stocks and listening to him discuss the market.” Martin loves to hate the uncertainty that comes along with her job. Just after starting her career in 2007 (right before the great recession hit), Martin remained proactive and continued to foster strong relationships with her clients even during the tough financial time. “Showing folks how I will turn their years of saving and patient investing into cash flow that will last, is extremely rewarding,” she said. Aside from her daytime job, Martin gives back to the Lansing community every opportunity she gets. She currently serves as the fourth ward representative on the Lansing Park Board, is an active volunteer for the downtown YMCA, has served on the board and as President of the National Association of Career Women and as Treasurer of the Lansing Area AIDS Network. When she isn’t working or volunteering, Martin enjoys gardening and growing her own fresh veggies. “Each year my husband and I challenge ourselves to eat everything that we grow but inevitably there comes a point where we’re overrun with tomatoes and zucchini and bring bags of produce into work.”

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