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Destined to Dance Owner of Patsy Watson School of Dance “No one is really good at dancing,” Patsy Watson smirked. “But they should still dance, though. Because they can become good when they learn, understand discipline and get grace.” At age 6, Watson moved from the States to England where her parents were born. She recalls the move with a smile and a story. “It was 1938 when we got there, and the war had started,” she stated. “So we started dancing.” After numerous dance classes in London, Watson had developed technique and passion. She remembers the thick makeup and flashy costumes, which she said made her feel like a movie star. From dancing for the soldiers to annual Christmas productions, Watson had earned enough to move back to America at the age of 18. “When I got back to the States, I wondered what do I do with my life? I don’t really have many talents, all I can do is dance,” she said. Watson went to a dance studio where she began teaching classes for a few years before she opened Patsy Watson School of Dance on Cedar Street in 1951. However, Watson declares that dance has never been her first priority. “It is always God first, my family second and dance comes in third,” she said. “I’m proud that God has given me, my daughter Rhonda, my granddaughter Vanessa and myself to teach dance and put on Christian dance recitals bringing honor and glory to Jesus Christ.”

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