Local Women: Rita Vogel


Occupation: Owner of Just Ask Residence: Mason Family: Three children: Erica, Easton and Evelyn Hobbies: Astronomy, Star Wars, Botany, Avocation seeking, interior design and saying “yes” to everything new Rita Vogel believes people deserve joy in their lives. It is this philosophy that led her to start Just Ask, a personal concierge service. She also is a board member for the Rotary Club of Mason and is the chair of the club’s New Generations committee focused on youth community involvement. For more information about Just Ask, call: (269) 282-4099. Q: Can you tell us more about Just Ask? A: It began in June, and I have been staying very busy ever since. I run it alone, providing care to those in need on a personal basis; it can range from doing little things like going shopping to end-of-life care. An important aspect of my business is that it helps relieve the burden of relying on family and friends for constant support. This is a benefit for everyone involved. The person in need finds comfort in giving their support group a break, their loved ones get some time to themselves and I get to do something I love — bringing joy to others. Q: Who do you typically help? A: All sorts of people. It can be anyone and everyone. I help kids make and deliver cupcakes for class, I hold signs for kids at football games when their parents have work, I drive people to appointments or to get prescriptions, I clean and I do a lot of grocery shopping. I enjoy helping everyone, but I really like working with kids. They are everywhere and keep you on your toes. That’s a lot of fun. Q: What made you gravitate toward this type of work? A: If you pay attention, it’s easy to find those in need of help, a smile or a hug. A huge influence of mine is a quote from Anne Frank, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” We all affect one another, so my work is reciprocal. If I help you, it will come back to me and the community at large.

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