Local Women: Sally Babbit


Lansing native, Sally Babbitt has been licensed to practice law for 16 years, wearing many hats to serve clients in different capacities. She is currently the principal at her own cohort, Babbitt Legal Group, PC. She provides full-service probate and estate planning, helping families and individuals navigate the legal issues centered on death and incapacity.

In the past, Babbitt was a corporate accountant who worked in manufacturing for several years. But she knew she wanted to go to law school when she was a stay-at-home mom. She studied law at Western Michigan University’s Cooley Law School.

“Mostly, I find the thought process interesting and the cases very interesting. Everybody’s facts are a little bit different, and you can’t make this stuff up,” Babbitt said. “A lot of my experience has come together and I bring everything to the table. I also use my accounting background a lot.”

Depending on the day, Babbitt goes to client meetings, appears in court, attends other meetings outside the office and prepares a lot of documentation for cases. She also finds time to spend about 30 minutes per day on social media management, marketing her website, Facebook page and LinkedIn account.

What Babbitt likes most about her job is the problem solving inherent to the type of work her profession demands. All cases and situations have different sides to them, and it’s important to her that her clients’ sides are always the top priority.

“I like planning and strategizing,” Babbitt said. “I am very strong in advocacy, so I enjoy really helping my clients tell their story, and get their side of the story and put it out there.”

Don’t be fooled by how smoothly Babbitt makes her profession work. There are many challenges when it comes to navigating the law. Dealing with cases can take a toll sometimes, especially around the sensitive subjects of death or other incapacitation.

When clients face various issues, Babbitt walks with them through the challenges as best she can. Each case is different, which tempers the workload a bit, but Babbitt Legal Group isn’t one to shy away.

“There are a lot more stressful and demanding cases than others. Everything goes through a cycle,” Babbitt said. “When there’s some down time, when everything’s calm, that’s when we hit the cycle. There is a lot of client coaching and court appearances. Things tend to happen in a cluster in a case.”

While work can be demanding, Lansing is a wonderful place to practice law and sustain her firm. Babbitt understands the area inside and out, leveraging the size and makeup of the local community to more easily build connections with other professionals and provide quality services to those who need them.

“I like the size of Lansing because it’s big enough to be able to support a healthy practice in the greater Lansing area,” Babbitt said. “Lansing is great because networking is so much easier because, really, everyone knows everybody.”

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