Local Women: Sandi Solomon

Sandi Solomon loves helping people and thrives from getting people to be successful. Her intuitive ability to coach people on relationships led her to start her own company in 2008 called Divine Connections. Through her company she puts on local meet-and-greet events. For more information, visit www.mydivineconnections.com Q: Tell me about your business, Divine Connections. A: First off, the name I came up with comes from my Christian foundation and family values. I’ve always wanted to connect people. I always say we’re not on this earth to be isolated. Everybody should be with somebody or have some type of relationship whether it’s business, love or friendship. I started the company in 2008, and the goal is helping people. I’m able to identify people’s skills and enable them to use the best of their abilities to improve their success in dating and relationships. This includes professional, personal, social, family, political or spiritual, and I coach and facilitate individuals in meeting and attracting long-term partnership. I do this through Divine Connections events which I design, and it led me to my first bachelor auction. I provide creative services, as well, such as shadow texting and emailing. I’ve done it for my friends for forever. I’m also a wing-woman, and I’m developing a service called rent-a-friend for people who need someone to go to an event with. Q: How did you become so interested in helping people? A: In the past 10 years I’ve realized how much of a gift I’ve been given. My grandmother and dad both had the gift of reading people, and I’m blessed with it too. Growing up I’ve always had a desire to help people. I had an ability to help people achieve their goals. I taught aerobics for 15 years, and then I became a mother and raised and coached my children in sports. I became a realtor for 10 years and loved that, too. I love working with people. While in real estate, I was offered another position part-time as a placement coordinator and job recruiter. I was blessed to have such an amazing mentor and boss who shaped me into the person I am today. Q: Do you have any upcoming events? A: April 28 marks the second annual Mid-Michigan’s Amazing Race. It resembles a scavenger hunt. I put married couples together and singles together, and everyone goes out in a different direction figuring out riddles and puzzles to get to the next clue. It involves everything in the community such as going to the Capitol or MSU, or stopping at downtown stores. It is hilarious, and everyone has a chuckle out of it. As a happily married woman, I know exactly what it takes to build the kind of lifelong relationship everyone dreams about. My life experience has given me a lot of tools to be able to do what I’m doing — and I love what I’m doing. Bringing people together is so meaningful to me. I get my joy from seeing people be successful.

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