Local Women: Shannon Nobles

Shannon Nobles became interested in ending violence against women as early high school. She calls herself the feminist librarian helping those in the community with resources on sexual violence as well as assisting with scholarly research. She also edits a blog called Lansing Collective where she contributes on issues relating to social justice and political happenings in the community. Q: HOW DID YOU GET INVOLVED IN THE MICHIGAN RESOURCE CENTER ON DOMESTIC AND SEXUAL VIOLENCE (MRCDSV)? A: I got involved almost three years ago now. I was looking for a career in the domestic and sexual violence business. I’d gone from being a community organizer to this position I have. I was organizing on the MSU campus and loved the idea of organizing, but I wanted to put it toward my passion which is prevention of violence against women. I started emailing different organizations, and low and behold the resource center had a position that was about to open up. Q: WHAT DREW YOU TO THE PREVENTION OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN? A: It started back in high school when I learned feminist theory critique. I also grew up in the suburbs of Detroit and felt I had a sheltered life. Then when I went to Oakland University I took women’s studies courses and was introduced to a lot of diversity. I began to really understand the idea that some people have more privilege than others. I understand the importance of organizing and representation. I transferred to MSU and became very involved in women’s studies there, as well. I also became involved in the campus community with different organizations such as the Vagina Monologues while also volunteering at Planned Parenthood and End Violent Encounters (EVE). Q: WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT THE RESOURCE CENTER? A: The resource center is a specialty collections library focusing on subjects pertaining to ending violence against women. It’s housed under the Michigan Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. The biggest thing I’d love for people to know is that we’re a public library open to anyone in Michigan free of charge. We have a really expansive and specific collection ranging from domestic violence to social justice to a counseling section and training materials such as books, DVDs and journals. I also provide technical assistance helping people with research, which is the largest component of my job. I think of myself as a feminist librarian. I manage our collection, and I build on it too. And besides from being a physical space, I can also send out materials to anyone in the state free of charge. Our entire collection can also be browsed online. We’re close to MSU, and it’s a gem to have a resource center that’s specific to so many of these issues. It would be great to get the word out that we’re right in the backyard of Lansing in Okemos.

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