Local Women: Sheila Hughes

Sheila Hughes has been helping the elderly for more than 30 years. In 2008 she completed the Certified Assisted Living Director program at Washtenaw Community College. She also serves as a board member of The Michigan Center for Assisted Living and has spent the last 13 years running Timber Ridge Assisted Living Center. Q. How did you become interested in assisted living? A: I worked in a medical office earlier in my career and we had an elderly population that needed help. I always cared about old people and started becoming aware that there was a need for kind and patient care providers. Q: What would you say is the best part of working with the seniors living at Timber Ridge?  A: I guess when I see a resident coming in and being frightened and afraid because they left their home or family and seeing them become more healthy and social because of the programs we offer. Q: How do volunteers help the residents at Timber Ridge? A: We have a big volunteer program here. We love when people volunteer; it’s vital to the elderly people here. We have 54 employees, but we couldn’t do it without families and volunteers spending their time with the elderly people.

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