Local Women: Sonia Buonodono


Sonia Buonodono at her brewery/ Photo by Mary McElgunn

Celebrating the one-year anniversary of Eagle Monk Pub and Brewery on Aug. 15, co-owner and manager Sonia Buonodono has a lot to be proud of. Her husband, Dan, had been brewing beer for more than 25 years and they started talking about creating their own brewery. “We just decided we could do it,” she said. “We built our house together, now we figured building a business together could be possible. We have faith and confidence in each other.” Interacting with the customers and hearing their stories is one of Buonodono’s favorite aspects of her job. Since craft beer is growing in Michigan many customers stop through on their travels through the state. “We were the first brewery in Lansing,” she said. “We are really proud to help continue the development of the craft beer community. We have had people come in who have never had any craft beer before. I love to educate people on good beer.” Eagle Monk Pub and Brewery has a different feel than other spots in the area, Buonodono said. She has had people explain it as a “homey” feeling, which holds a lot of value to her. “We are not a sports bar,” she said. “We are a microbrewery. Women can come in and enjoy a beer by themselves. We have succeeded in being different, and I like that.”

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Katelyn Sweet

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