Local Women: Sue Nichani

Sue Nichani is the co-owner of RiverHouse Inn, a quaint riverfront restaurant in downtown Williamston she helped build from the ground up. After renovating the residence in 2006 and turning it into a commercial space, Nichani and her co-owner Scott opened their doors in summer 2008. Visit the RiverHouse Inn website at www.riverhouseinn.org. Q: How did you get started with RiverHouse Inn? A: We bought this building because we liked its location on the river realizing there were not a lot of riverfront properties. We had a vision for putting a nice, relaxing patio to really enjoy the landscape. We’ve got a great property here. We bought the building as a house and decided to turn it into a restaurant. The co-owner, Scott, and I had been friends for 20-plus years; we’re like family and we worked together in the construction industry for quite a long time. It didn’t take us long to come up with the idea of a restaurant realizing that’s what we wanted to do. It was a very challenging project, and we wanted to keep the character after the remodel. Scott and I both being in the construction industry, we were able to overcome the challenges. It’s just a really charming setting. We renovated absolutely everything and opened our doors in the summer of 2008. Q: What do you like about running your own restaurant? A: I like the people I meet every day. I love it when they talk about the food and give us feedback on it. I love working for myself. Every good thing you do in your own business is a direct benefit to you, and it’s a nice change from being in the corporate grind for so long. I like the change and the flexibility not having to sit at a desk every day. Everyone’s dream is to work for themselves. And what’s nice about this place is that I built it myself. What it is today is a direct result of what I’ve done over the past four years. Also, when you work for yourself, you don’t really feel like you’re working. I’m here every day, but it never feels like I’m going to work, and that’s really wonderful. It’s just been such a good experience, and we hope we can keep it going. Q: What do you like best about the Williamston community? A: It’s a nice small town. It’s safe, and everybody knows everybody. It reminds me of where I grew up in Saratoga, N.Y. And it reminds me of that ability to leave your house, leave your doors unlocked and nothing would ever happen. I just love it here.

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