Local Women: Sue Rosenberger

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue― a phrase that Sue Rosenberger has been working with for nearly three decades. As the owner of Fantastic Finds Bridal Salon in Lansing, Rosenberger works closely with brides to select the perfect gown for one of the most important days of their lives. “You really do get a chance to be a part of people’s dreams they’ve had all their life … It’s the warm fuzzy feeling,” said Rosenberger. Rosenberger and her husband “eat, sleep and breathe the store,” she said. With a blended family of five children, the two bridal enthusiasts have kids and grandchildren all over the country. Extremely passionate about her clients, Rosenberger’s three-level store offers something unique for brides. “It’s really big, but it’s (also) really intimate,” she said. She believes that the wedding gown is “the pinnacle” of the event. “The wedding dress sets the style of what the event is going to be,” Rosenberger said. “(The gown) is a true expression of the bride’s inner style … (It is) something that the bride has to feel connected to.” Rosenberger admits her love of reality bridal shows, explaining that they often include scenarios that she has experienced or those from which her staff can learn. Her favorite part of her job? The crying mothers and smiling women after finding the right dress for the big day. “It’s more than just a business. It’s an emotional connection.”

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