Local Women: Theresa Kilpatrick

“Giving Hope to Cancer Survivors” Occupation: Retired from Lansing School District, contract with Michigan Department of Education, co-author of So- You’ve Survived Cancer. Now What? Residence: Mason Family: Husband, Tom; loving step-children, 11 grandchildren Hobbies: Reading, writing, scrap-booking, photography, genealogy, volunteering. Theresa Kilpatrick can name nine reasons why cancer is a gift. Kilpatrick battled cancer while caregiving for her husband who also had cancer. Kilpatrick is a co-author of So-You’ve Survived Cancer. Now What? To learn more about Kilpatrick or to purchase the book visit, online: at http://soyouvesurvivedcancer.com/. Q: What inspired you to co-author So-You’ve Survived Cancer. Now What? A: Our desire to give back. As a cancer survivor you want to give back and help people who are the same position you used to be in. We found that there was little information for cancer survivors so we did some research and found there were things that people needed to hear. Anything we went through we know someone else is going to go through it too. We wanted to let people know they’re not alone. Q: Do you ever miss teaching for the Lansing School District? A: I miss working with kids, but I don’t miss all the rules and regulations. Working with students on the college level has been enjoyable. It’s refreshing to be surrounded by bright, energetic, compassionate doctors. It brings me back to when I was teaching. Hearing the young student’s hopes and dreams is one of the best things to happen to me. Q: What are your plans for the future? A: I’m going to continue to work hard with the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine to help students become more compassionate with their patients. I’d like to write some more books. Also, I’m going to take salsa lessons and learn how to paint. I’ve never had time to do that before.

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