Local Women: Violet Ruth Schulert

Occupation: Poet and artist Residence: Haslett Family: Fiancé, Dan Endres; cat, Alexandria; dog, Toki Hobbies: Conversing with friends, spending time with her fiancé and writing Violet Ruth Schulert had a difficult childhood, but always seemed to find comfort in writing. The pen is an outlet for her and after a decade of hard work, she published her first book. It is published by Chipmunkapublishing, the Mental Health Publisher, and can be found on amazon.com. Q: You recently published your first book. Can you tell us about it? A: It’s called Trust Yourself and it actually doesn’t have my name on it — it says it is written by Alexandria R. Wesley. Since the book is about my difficult childhood I wanted to change the characters’ names including my own. I came about choosing this alias by using my cat’s name, Alexandria, “R” for my middle initial and Wesley was my favorite cat who passed away a few years ago. I sometimes wish my name was on it, but it can be saved for the next one! The book consists of poems positioned in sequential order. They are all different, but I wanted them to tell a narrative from beginning to end. The subject matter can be a bit heavy, but I tried to end it on a positive note. Q: What do you get out of writing? A: For me, writing is very therapeutic and I enjoy it. I found out in college I was pretty good at it and I like expressing to people what I think. I used to write well into the night — not so much anymore (laughs). It is rewarding to have people read your work, and not only like it, but tell you they think it should be published. Q: Do you have any writing projects planned for the future? A: I have already begun writing the next one and it will be prose rather than a series of poems. I love poetry, but prose takes more thought while poems seem to write themselves. Both are extremely emotionally draining, though. This book will be much happier and focus on the present, future and the life I am building with my fiancé.

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