Pricilla Bordayo

Following a Plan That’s not Her Own Pricilla Bordayo, 29, the new unexpected author has begun her first book, an autobiography called, The Secret Life. In this memoir she bares her soul by discussing her troubled past, present restoration and hopes of her future. She unveils things about herself that had the potential to break her but instead, they lead her to what she is so passionate about today: justice, forgiveness, and God’s will. She takes us through traumatic events that are both known to the public and things that even the people closest to her had no idea about. Things that left people wondering how she is still able to walk around with her head held high and a smile on her face. Bordayo has been through so much, but not to the point of losing her faith. Instead, she lives with God as the head of her life and she chooses to inspire and fight for others. She spends her time volunteering at shelters for women who have been rescued from human sex trafficking and has dedicated herself to helping them rebuild their lives as she has her own. Through everything that she does, Pricilla remains humble. Having come so far, she lives her life as transparent as possible. She makes it a point to get to know people by asking about their stories and really listening to the answers. She is an inspiration to many without even trying. Pricilla is not sure what is next for her after her book is published, but she continues to keep her faith in God to lead her down her next great path.

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