Renee Morgan Freeman: Lansing’s M.O.M.


Photo by Mark Warner

Efficiency, effectiveness and cohesion are a few adjectives that Renee Morgan Freeman used to describe her responsibilities as the Mayor’s Office Manager. After nine years of working in her position, Freeman believes that a key ingredient in her job is bringing a smile to the office each day. “I enjoy being involved in and contributing to the progress and welfare of Lansing,” said Freeman. Everyday she strives to provide impeccable customer service and takes pleasure in working with those who are heavily involved in the city’s development. Freeman said, “I take pride in having the ability to be part of the solution rather than the problem.” Serving as the “gatekeeper” to the Mayor’s office, Freeman believes that she lives up to the acronym of her title, “MOM.” She is not only responsible for coordinating events such as the Mayor’s Ramadan Unity Dinner and Capital Area Senior Activities Fair, but she also reviews and schedules for the Mayor, delegates assignments, does constituent relations and a variety of other necessary tasks. Freeman finds pride in serving as a mentor to interns and contributing to the development of their skills. When she isn’t working, Freeman is very involved with her church and the Greater Lansing Area Club of the National Business and Professional Women’s Club. “I am a servant of Christ and believe that by spreading love, joy and peace and contributing to the life of others by providing assistance in any way, being a source of encouragement and being a true and supporting friend is my purpose,” said Freeman.

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