Rochelle Rizzi: A Twist in the Road


rochelleRochelle Rizzi can look at one moment in her life and say that was when it all came together. After graduating from Lansing Community College (LCC) with a degree in graphic design, Rizzi was set to move to New York. She had a job and lease lined up, and a plane ticket in hand.

That’s when she got the call that her grandmother was passing away. She met her family in Cincinatti, OH, and performed the eulogy at the funeral. She still anticipated rebooking her flight to New York when a particular man called her.

She had met him eight months earlier at a dance club in Dayton, OH, the area she had lived in since she was nine years old.

“My girlfriends dragged me there,” said Rizzi. “I didn’t want to go; I was over the club scene.”

Rizzi told her girlfriends she thought Brian was the one, but was put off when she hadn’t heard from him much since.

Brian called during the funeral and left a message at her parents’ house. Rizzi viewed this as a sign of fate and made the decision to stay and see where it would lead her. Eight months later, they were engaged. Instead of pursuing the life she planned in New York, together they moved back to the Lansing area.

In 2004, Rizzi Designs was born; Rizzi’s freelance graphic design business, which she ran out of her house. As time went on, Rizzi Designs developed into a marketing agency with Rizzi as the CEO.

“I wanted to be the stay-at-home mom, but quickly realized I wanted something more and I needed an outlet for myself,” said Rizzi. “I’m a better mom because I have that creative outlet.”

Since 2004, her business has grown; in fact, it has doubled in the last year, and after outgrowing their former space, Rizzi Designs has now found a new home, with plenty of space and plenty of inspiration.

Aside from her business, Rizzi loves to travel and spend her spare time with her two boys, Garrett and Benjamin.

“It doesn’t matter what I’m doing with the kids — whether it’s digging in dirt or taking a nap, even washing dishes with my two-year-old … I really enjoy the time I can spend with them,” said Rizzi.

Bath has been the perfect place to raise her family.

“I’m so grateful that I, my family and my business have been embraced by this community,” said Rizzi.

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