Romy Crawford

Making a Difference in Senior’s Lives Owner of the Greater Lansing Seniors Helping Seniors Romy Crawford, the owner of the Greater Lansing Seniors Helping Seniors facility opened her center when she realized that sick people get lonely, but also that lonely people get sick. It is her mission to ensure that there are no more lonely senior citizens if she can help it. SHS is a resource for two types of seniors. It is for the recently retired who are still looking to fulfill a purpose in life, and also for seniors who needs a helping hand and a bit of companionship that their family isn’t always available to provide. The company upholds a very high standard of service. If she ever has to refer a senior to a different location, Romy feels “I can be confident that they will have the proper care, because I know we are all held to the same standards.” SHS is largely about helping the care receiver remain in control. The care takers are not there to take away anyone’s independence. They are there to make sure that they can keep it.

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