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KellyZielinskiClaudia Kerbawy, Certified Independent Health Coach at Take Shape for Life

Claudia Kerbawy has always wanted to make an impact on her community. After she graduated from Michigan State University, the mother of three went on to work in environmental protection for the next 25 years. When she retired, Kerbawy wanted to find another way to help the people in her community. Not long after, she began working with one of her friends, whose business specializes in pain relief. Through that, she found Take Shape for Life, a health coaching program designed to combat many different factors that affect a person’s health and well-being. She found that by working with Take Shape for Life, she could positively impact many people’s lives and signed up to coach for the company. She has now been a coach for about two and a half years and specializes in stress management. It’s not just a diet; health coaches help people in replacing poor habits with good habits, like taking more walks or drinking more water. “It’s amazing to see somebody come in with a type of diabetes, with a difficult road and not much hope for the future, and change their life so dramatically that they can sometimes reverse their disease. And after seven months they go to their doctor and the doctor is stunned by the improvement,” Said Kerbawy. With her help, many people have made more positive choices in their lives and improved their overall wellbeing. Kerbawy currently lives in Lansing with her husband, Richard.


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