Taylor Brooks: Charlotte Native Loves All Things Fall and Winter


When asked what her favorite holiday is, Taylor Brooks hesitates.

Halloween? Thanksgiving? Christmas? New Year’s Eve?

How about all the above?

The Charlotte native is in her element once the leaves start to turn colors.

“It’s really hard to pick. I enjoy the entire end of the year,” said Brooks, a 2012 Charlotte High School graduate. “It’s a good time of the year. The weather is cooler, and I enjoy looking back on my accomplishments.”

But perhaps her favorite aspect of the final three months of the year is the opportunity for get-togethers.

“It’s a wonderful time to be with family and friends,” Brooks explained. “There are a lot of gatherings. It is a very social time, and I love that.”

Halloween kicked off her string of holidays and observances, and Brooks enjoys the whole mystique surrounding Halloween. She loves to dress up for the occasion and said her best costume ever resulted from her early love of Broadway musicals.

“When I was 11, I think, I wore a ‘Phantom of the Opera’ costume,” Brooks said. “My mom helped me make it. I wanted to dress like the Phantom because the movie had just come out and I loved it.”

The fun of Halloween segues into the valuable family time that Thanksgiving and Christmas bring about.

“I spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family,” Brooks explained. “We still get together with my one living grandmother. It’s a family tradition.”

Christmas is also a time to enjoy the uplifting nature of the holiday, she added.

“I know a lot of people complain about Christmas being commercialized, but I love it,” Brooks said. “I enjoy seeing the decorations and just feel it is a joyous time of year, albeit the music can be annoying because it is playing all the time. But it is very upbeat.”

She is all about the gifts during the Christmas season – giving them, that is. It’s a joy for her to match presents with the recipients. “I love giving presents, giving someone a gift I know they will really like,” Brooks explained. “It feels good giving a special present to someone you know well that matches them perfectly. Not anything crazy, just something practical, like a scarf a friend might have mentioned.”

Brooks recently celebrated her fourth year as an administrative assistant at the Pepsi distribution facility on West Grand River Avenue, which helped make her purchase of a house in Lansing a reality.

“I just bought house downtown,” Brooks said. “I am going to be spending a lot of time downtown.”

Could the new digs be the location of this year’s New Year’s Eve party?

“I was thinking about hosting Halloween or New Year’s this year, but maybe next year,” she said. “I’ve been living in the house for six months, and I am still moving in.”

Just one more reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving.


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