Traci Ruiz: Passionate to Protect Lansing


Traci Ruiz is a retired police officer who worked for 25 years with the Lansing Police Department.

“It was an honor to serve with the Lansing Police Department,” says Traci. “I really wanted to work in the Lansing Community that I was raised in.”

During her time as a police officer, Ruiz saw that there was a need to help the elderly in her community. Some were being left to live by themselves with no assistance or support, and others were becoming victims of abuse.

“We don’t have a nationwide group to help the elderly like we do with children,” Ruiz said. “Even if they are victims of the same crimes.”

Ruiz became passionate about helping the elderly. Her mission is to enable seniors to live a better life and access to resources, medical care, judicial and legal assistance.

She advocates for elder abuse awareness by teaching others to look for the signs of abuse and neglect, with emphasis on teaching providers and doctors to be aware.

“It’s very scary for seniors,” Ruiz explained. “Sometimes the abuse comes from their only caregiver and you don’t even have the resources to leave. There is a tangle of issues involved, and I want to be a voice for these people that need help.”

On top of her work with the elderly, Ruiz started her own consulting business called Ruiz Consultants LLC. There they provide consultations on safety and preparedness.

“We provide a wide variety of services,” Ruiz said. “Everybody has a right to be safe. We’re approached by many different companies like attorneys, law firms, insurance agencies and community groups.”

Ruiz Consultants provides safety education, which is a way to identify potential safety hazards and prevent them thus creating a safe work environment for employees. Ruiz and her team can also assess workplaces to help develop an awareness of potential threats of workplace violence.

Having trained police recruits for 20 years, Ruiz Consultants are equipped to teach self-defense. She believes that self defense and physical fitness are the keys to personal safety.

“Self-defense is not just the ability to defend yourself,” Ruiz explained. “It’s also a situational awareness and conflict avoidance. Physical fitness will serve you for life.”

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