Susan Sanford: Work-at-Home Mom


SusanSanfordGrowing up as the youngest of seven children and being able to have her mother home until she was 10 years old molded Susan Sanford’s perspective on the life her children should have growing up.

Sanford met her husband Mark at church. She soon discovered that he had also been raised with a stay-at-home parent and was coincidentally also the youngest of seven children. She knew that this was a man who would raise children with similar values.

“Part of me admires the folks who [both work while raising children], but it’s not the lifestyle we want,” said Sanford.

So after evaluating where each of their careers could take them, Sandford ended up continuing her full-time work while her husband took on the role as stay-at-home dad.

This arrangement was successful for seven years, but then, two years ago, Sanford made the biggest decision of her life: she quit her job as vice president of the Michigan Health Council and started a business of her own. She had not been satisfied with the flexibility the job allowed.

“Getting home at quarter to six every day was a drag,” said Sanford.

With her new business, Sanford Consulting, Sanford works out of her home in Delta Township. She spends most of her time on the phone evaluating physician’s needs and seeing what staff would fulfill those needs.

“I never would have imagined doing this. I’m a risk averter,” said Sanford of starting her own business. “In hindsight, I don’t know what was holding me back.”

The decision was made so Sanford could spend more time with her family and be more active as a wife and mother to her two children, Max and Mikayla. She loves being present more often, and the flexibility working at home allows her. It also allowed her husband to work part-time at the Michigan Athletic Club.

“The kids love it, they’re spoiled in the sense that we’re both around a lot,” said Sanford.

Sanford said she has always wanted a simple life, something her family instilled in her while she grew up on a farm in North Branch, MI.

In her spare time, Sanford enjoys camping and playing games with her family, reading and doing community service. She has been on the board for the Haven House for four years.

“If I had more time, then the one thing I would do is volunteer more.”

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