What is Love?


What is love? I could spend a day explaining what love is not. What good would that serve? No doubt you have your own woes. There are so many songs. The J. Geils Band said “Love Stinks.” Justin Timberlake said that he “Can’t Drink You Away.” Chris Stapleton crooned “Sometimes I Cry.” Many tragedies have been written with the theme of love. Yet how many euphoric stories do you recall about love?

 I know of one: my “second” mom and her childhood sweetheart turned love of her life. I visited their house when the chaos got too thick in mine. I wasnt necessarily an invited guest in the beginning. I just kept showing up and they welcomed me. Eventually, I went from “I guess you’re here, you might as well eat dinner” to them having my favorite treats when I visited. Their story was full of this thing called life. They were separated by war, and when they could be together, they married. Together they faced the death of a child. They raised three children, lived humbly and loved freely. Lloyd and Sheila Hurlburt were the barometer of all that I knew what true love for each other meant. Their love wasnt perfect, but their honesty was. Their giving of themselves was as close to love as I ever saw. ‘Till death did they part.

Love is as varied as a bucket of snowflakes. They are many facsimiles of love. But love …

Love is not something that you receive. Love is not conditional. Love has no expectation. A true everlasting love is a love that is giving. To love another, you have to love yourself. Then youll be able to freely give love to another. Knowing your worth means you will know who is worthy of your love. Love is not about trinkets and superficial words or actions. However, it can be simple.

Love is thoughtful. Love is meaningful. Love is the unexpected hug. Love is the perfect token of appreciation for your loved one. Love is a feeling that flows into action. Love is light. Light shines bright and helps love flourish. When love flourishes, there is life. That life should compel you to be the best you that you can be. Your love should live in the very actions that you do. Well, to me that defines what is love. You? Go with love.


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