A Life of Globe-Trotting: Barb Schram Discusses Her Passion for Travel and Education


Have you ever had dreams of venturing to the furthest corners of the planet? What about visiting all seven continents and discovering different cultures and customs? It’s something most of us only dream about.

Shaklee Independent Distributor and former educator Barb Schram is living this dream of being a modern-day globe-trotter. From traveling to visit the penguins in Antarctica to teaching students in Thailand, Schram has done it all – and then some.

“Seeing new places, meeting the people, and having a sense about understanding how things happen there is one of my favorite things about traveling,” Schram explained.

Her love of traveling and public education has fueled her fire throughout the years to not only travel to six of the seven continents but to dedicate 33-and-a-half years of her life to teaching public education in the United States and beyond. Schram primarily taught kindergarteners to third-graders. She started her teaching career in Paw Paw, Michigan, before taking her efforts overseas to Bangkok, Thailand.

After returning to the States, Schram continued her teaching career at Grand Ledge Public Schools. She enjoys teaching because she not only likes to watch the children’s progress and development throughout the year but believes education is the foundation for future growth in this country.

“It’s fun to work with the kids because they’re excited and enthusiastic to learn,” Schram said. “School is a happy place to be and schools today fill a lot of holes for kids.”

Schram has a true passion for education. She has served as a member on the Michigan Education Association and the National Education Association boards of directors. Schram went on to become involved in Educational International, which is an international association of teachers and has served as president of local and county associations. She is also the longest-standing chamber ambassador at the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce and has done so for eight years. She is on the board at the Michigan Women’s Historical Museum, the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame and the Michigan State University Museum. She was also president and area director for the district at the ZONTA Club of East Lansing.

Since moving on from teaching, she has found new endeavors to keep her busy. She began looking into the network marketing business model. After extensive research on numerous network marketing companies, she realized the firm that was right for her was one located in her hometown of Lansing, known as Shaklee.

“In network marketing you have your own business, you are your own boss and you control your own time,” Schram explained. “It is an opportunity that you can pursue on a part-time basis or as a full-time career. It just depends on how much time you want to put into it and what the compensation level is that you are looking for.”

Not only does it involve products she loves and has used for years, but Shaklee offers natural nutrition supplements, weight-management and beauty products, as well as non-toxic, green cleaning products.

“The personal care products had outperformed anything else I had ever tried,” Schram said. “I had lost weight with the Shaklee Weight Management Program and the vitamins and minerals had kept me healthy over the years.”

She began a thriving business that supports her love of traveling, enables her to drive the vehicle she has always wanted and it allows her to be in control of her own life. She explained the best thing about network marketing is that she is able to help others achieve their dreams and goals.

Schram is a lover of reading, musical theater, Wharton Broadway shows, museums, traveling and living a healthy lifestyle. When not busy working on her business or spending time with family, she loves to read Wilbur Smith novels.

As someone who has spent a lifetime traveling around the world, it was hard for her to choose her favorite. She narrowed it down to her four favorite places: Antarctica, Egypt, Turkey and Bangkok. She spent a lifetime adventuring around the world and teaching youth, yet still finds the time to be a mother two successful daughters and be a grandma to her grandchildren.


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