A Patchwork Life: Pam Henry


Although Mason resident Pam Henry doesn’t have kids, she has her hands full with five Australian shepherds. As if five pooches weren’t enough, Henry recently took in a new family member, Dusty, her new cat. Though she was unsure what her dogs would think of Dusty, the situation has worked out well.

“It went a lot better than I thought it would,” said Henry.

Along with spending time with her pets and her husband Kevin, Henry also enjoys sewing and antiquing. Her tastes in antiques have changed — while once scrounging for various collectibles, Henry is now on the lookout for antique quilts and sewing items.

Quilting became a passion of Henry’s more than 20 years ago. She came across a log cabin quilt in a magazine and thought, “I can figure this out.” Her attempt brought her to one of her greatest passions.

At the time, she had only ever thought of being a surgery tech at an ophthalmology practice, a career she pursued with an education from Lansing Community College. This idea stemmed from her mother’s occupation as a lab tech and a job shadow she did in high school. She realized she didn’t want to be around a lot of blood, so she opted for ophthalmology.

She was a full-time surgery tech for 22 years at Lansing Ophthalmology. As time went on, her husband encouraged her to take a different direction and open her own quilting store because she enjoyed quilting with her friends so much.

“I fought it for awhile and kept saying no,” said Henry. “But what woman would say no if their husband wanted them to have that much fabric?”

After pondering the idea a little further, Henry decided to take a swing at it, and has been happily overseeing her store, Everlasting Stitches, in Mason for seven years. The store took eight months to set up, and ever since Henry has dedicated her life to her store.

“My favorite part of the store is the customers coming back with their projects,” said Henry. Henry does still work as a surgery tech one day a week.

“My day off is to go to the hospital and work, which I really enjoy because I don’t have to make every single decision — every phone call is not for me,” said Henry. “I’m not good with having nothing to do.”

Henry admits that although she likes to keep herself busy, at the end of the day, she would “enjoy being able to have more time at home.”


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