Where’s that 1950’s Man

As a 30-something, single female I’d like to settle down without having to settle for less. Shopping and wine nights are fun (even better if I can do them both at the same time) but I’m surrounded by married or happily married folks all day (btw there is a difference). The question I ask myself; “where’s that man with the 1950s style and charm?” My dating sense has been influenced by an amazing father who had a ton of advice about the type of man I should marry. Dad (God rest his soul), always encouraged me to “be myself and life will happen.” Well, here I am being myself… How does one adore the 1950s type man in the year 2014? Let’s see…
  • Sexting vs. love letters
  • Emoticons vs. flowers
  • Take out and Netflix vs. dinner and a movie
Where do you look? Well…
  • A bar (hated it!)
  • Work (bad idea!)
  • A best friend’s brother (me, he and the sister all broke up)
I bear some of the responsibility of the dating faux-pas. I probably watched one too many love stories. What a disappointment to learn that men don’t propose to you at the Eiffel tower! So a new adventure begins… Friends strongly encouraged (aka with excessive force) me to try online dating. They have my best interest at heart so I’ll give it a try. Hopefully, this will stop the chatter by the panel of married women during our famous “wine nights.” Here’s the infamous feedback session aka “wine night”… Newlywed friend: “Maybe I can fix you up.” Divorced friend: “You should totally date a youngin’.” Old married friend: “Remove all rings from your left hand, period.” Me: “Seriously ladies, can we change the subject and talk about how Groupons have made all of our lives complete.” Other married friend: “No we can’t, you need a man.” Me: “Ok, time to get serious; let’s take a look at what’s out there.” Some of the popular sites…Hmmmm Plenty of Fish: Plenty of “tacky.” E-harmony: Who has the time to answer ALL of those questions? Match.com: Cute commercials, endorsed by Dr. Phil, a few trustworthy success stories. Let’s make this site a “maybe.” Christian Mingle: Awww, most parents wish this site for their daughters. MillionaireMatch: MY WISH! I can only pick one, come back and read about it every other month. I’ll have more to share. Feel free to pass your thoughts to me at catchat359@gmail.com.

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