Bending Over Backwards: Flexibility Makes for a Smoother Life with Baby


My word mantra lately has been “flexibility.” Why? Because as a new mother, you tend to forget the word even exists, both physically and figuratively! There was a time in my life when I could do yoga and not scream like a banshee. There was also a time in my life when I could plan my day according to my own needs. Life seemed, well … a little more flexible.

As a working mother with a newborn, I’ve found flexibility doesn’t come naturally. You have to collaborate with your family, friends and place of employment to create a new way to keep the flexibility of your old life.

Here are some scenarios you may have to revamp with a baby in your life (with help from others, of course):

Scenario 1: It’s Friday night. You and your friends get together weekly for a girls’ night out. You go somewhere nice for dinner, enjoy good conversation and maybe even catch a movie.

After Baby: Your friends call and courteously invite you to girls’ night out, even though they know it’s not likely you’ll show. You thank them, hang up and make dinner for two … one of which comes served in a bottle.

After Baby, plus flexibility: Girls’ night out becomes an event at your place! You cook a fancy dinner with your friends, rent the latest DVD and enjoy good conversation in the comfort of your own living room.

Scenario 2: You’re at work checking e-mails, writing reports and doing other computer related tasks. All these things you could do from home.

After Baby: You stare at the clock, wondering how long until it’s time to pick up your little one.

After Baby, plus flexibility: You verify with your boss that there are no meetings scheduled, then ask to work from home so that you can enjoy being with your little one.

Scenario 3: It’s date night with your hubby! You’ve been planning it all month and are really looking forward to some quality time together.

After Baby: Date nights have turned from “wining and dining” to “whining and dining.” You both make the best of it and have fun regardless.

After Baby, plus flexibility: Ask Grandma and Grandpa, or another willing family member/friend, to watch your little babe so that you and your husband can get a few hours together to feel like a couple.

It really does take a village to raise a baby. With the cooperation of many, including you and your baby, you can still enjoy some flexibility in your life.

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Suban Nur Cooley

Suban Nur Cooley is a young communications professional and writer in the Greater Lansing region, who currently works for Capital Gains and the Refugee Development Center. She is also a proud Australian expatriate and Lansing homeowner.

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