Breakfast in a Barn? You Bet!


The Mexican Breakfast Burrito at Blondies.

Blondie’s Barn is kitschy and cute, but the real buzz is their fantastic breakfasts. Located in Haslett, Blondie’s Barn is just that, a red barn mashed into a suburban strip mall. You walk in and you feel like you levitated to Texas — a back road diner in small town Texas. I mean this in a good way. Some of the décor is so bad it’s brilliant. It is homey, off-beat and fun: murals of farmland, checked table cloths, signs made of rope, etc. Once seated, you are given a menu made to resemble a newspaper. At this point, everything is so informal you can’t help but feel welcome and relaxed. Something about the place makes you think of family. Anyway … back to the menu. The kitsch is continued here. It sports quite the extensive array of dining options, many with creatively silly names. Regardless, there is a solid culinary smorgasbord of breakfast options. There are scrambles, omelets, pancakes, heurvos rancheros, country fried steak, etc. You get the idea. One thing that jumps out is how varied and fresh the omelets sound. There are 18 choices that showcase such ingredients as asparagus, spinach, feta, chorizo, polish sausage, and avocado. Of course they have your more traditional omelets as well, like the Western (named the Clint Eastwood of course). A menu bonus … an extensive array of fun, flavored coffees that are served in big, bowl-like mugs that you can really wrap your hands around. I always like to have the wait staff recommend to me what their favorite meal is, so for my Blondie’s experience I was to be introduced to their Mexican Breakfast Burrito. My lovely dining companions, neither of whom exceeds four feet tall, chose the pancakes and the cinnamon French toast, so my sampling was going to hit the key breakfast points. When the burrito arrived, I looked around to see who else they were feeding. It was huge! Served with home-style potatoes, it was like the Mount Kilimanjaro of breakfast. A fat flour tortilla held a symphony of eggs, chicken and refried beans all smothered with a sassy red sauce and piles of cheese. The words savory and satisfying are the best way to describe the experience. The waitress wanted me to try the burrito because Bert, the cook, makes the sauce from scratch. Well, Bert apparently knows what he is doing. It had some serious zing and made the whole thing hum. Now on to the pancakes and French toast. As we are working on the concept of sharing with these little people, this day it worked to my advantage. The pancakes, which were sweet and fluffy, came out the size of the plate and dripping with butter. The buttermilk flavor really shined through and made for an above average pancake experience. And is there such a thing as a French toast made out of cinnamon rolls being a culinary disappointment? I mean really. It was like a party in my mouth. Finally, as a side note, I upped the kid’s protein consumption with a side of bacon. How does one cook bacon to uniform, crunchy perfection? This is a talent far beyond my capabilities. Though known for their breakfasts, Blondie’s appears to manage a winning lunch experience as well. As I mentioned earlier, our pal Bert has many “South of the Border” options. Salads are called “Sissy Stuff” but offer a lighter choice. All the daily lunch contenders are present, like reubens, burgers and tuna melts, along with a variety of wraps. Homemade chili and soups round out the menu. I highly recommend that you meander over to Blondie’s Barn for a great, down home breakfast and lunch experience. The grub they rustle up is darn good and it is a fun place to be. Blondie’s is at 5640 Marsh Road, Haslett, (517) 339-4600.

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