Cadillac ATS for the Snazzy Driver

As the Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant prepares to debut the Cadillac ATS, a new compact luxury vehicle, you might be wondering if this is the new car you’ve been waiting for. During a media preview, Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine was lucky enough to be able to sit down with Kathy Trusty, General Motors quality launch manager for the ATS and chat a bit more about Cadillac’s hot, new ride. Trusty has worked for GM for 30 years in various roles and has been fortunate enough to be part of many launches. The ATS, however, is especially exciting for her and the entire Capital Area. Here’s what else she had to say about the new ATS. Will you be buying one this summer? Q. What is special about the ATS launch? A. It’s so exciting to have this new vehicle come into this plant. (It will add) 600 additional employees. Anything that big is really exciting. Q. How much influence did you have on the final touches to the ATS? A. You have some influence. (I) definitely (brought) a women’s perspective (to) the vehicle. I’ve had a say in some of the quality strides. Q. What do you love about the ATS? A. I think the interior is beautiful, especially when looking at the competition … It’s very comfortable. Q. What about the car do you think will appeal to women? A. It’s very agile and nimble to drive. I think women are really going to enjoy driving it. Q. Who is the ATS for? A. Tech-savvy, contemporary, forward thinking people. People that like snazzy. People who want to stand out.

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