Capital City Film Festival


Roll out the red carpet ― film is coming to Lansing, and it’s coming from all over the world. Michigan-made movies, student work, and international films will be shared on the big screen April 14-17 at the first Capital City Film Festival in Lansing. The festival’s slogan is “There’s film in Lansing” because the organizers want people to recognize the amount of good film made in Michigan and to appreciate other national and international films. “It’s a festival that can bring people together to celebrate film, and I think that’s really important right now in our state,” said festival co-founder and coordinator Nicole Sclafani. The four-day festival will show at least six feature films, mostly shown during the evening. A mix of student and professional Showcases along with some 30-45 minute short film will screen during the day. More than 100 local and international films were submitted, including 50 shorts made by students. More than $7,000 will be awarded to winners of the student competition. “We thought it would be great to highlight all the student work,” Sclafani said. “There’s a lot that I think people aren’t aware of, so we just wanted to put the spotlight on some of them here in Lansing.” Each day the films will be shown in a different venue in the Lansing area. Opening night, complete with red carpet, will be at Dart Auditorium at Lansing Community College at 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday will be in soon-to-be-determined locations in Lansing, and Sunday will be at the Washington Street Armory. “I hope it will show off the city in a way that’s maybe never been seen before,” Sclafani said. “There’s no movie theater in downtown Lansing, and we would really would love to have that old-time, Traverse City State Theatre kind, but we don’t have that. So we’re using the venues that we do have and turning them into film events.” The festival will also feature musical performances the first three nights from different genres: indie, hip-hop, and electronic. Opening night will feature Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s with Maps & Atlases at the Loft above Harem Urban Lounge. “I think film and music go hand-in-hand in my book, and a lot of people who are organizing this think they go hand-in-hand,” Sclafani said. “In order to have a great film, you have to have a great score. So if you have a great film festival, you really have to have a great lineup.” Planning for the festival began this past August when Sclafani and co-founder Dominic Cochran first came up with the idea. Both are film lovers, and Cochran owns his own production company. Sclafani thinks the festival will add to the art culture of Lansing in a new way. “It’ll be different. If nothing else, it’s different. This town needs different. This town needs something that’s a little bit more young and fun and maybe offering a little bit more different perspectives of the world,” she said.

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