CAWLM’s 3rd Annual Mother & Daughter High Tea

Mothers and daughters joined CAWLM staff to honor the remarkable women who have enabled us to become who we are. The event included a high tea with dainty sandwiches and treats from Silver Service Catering. The attending women were the 15 winners from the Mother Daughter High Tea Contest. The event also included an address from CAWLM’s Image Focus columnist, owner of Mieshel Image Consulting, and co-host of In Her Shoes radio, Shelley Davis Mielock, as well as the opportunity to get a portrait taken with your special guest courtesy of Holly Mayes  of Photos of the Heart Photography. [nggallery id=20] “At times when [my mother] has feared I might fail, she assured me trying is the first step to success. When I know she would have loved nothing more than to keep me close, she reminded me of my dreams to travel. When she has known best, she has told me the right decision will come to me.” — Emily Betros “[My mother] taught me to always work on what I don’t like about myself, but to always be happy with who I am and what I have accomplished. She’s proven to me that at any age you can go after your dreams and always reinvent yourself, if you love yourself and believe in yourself.” — Rebecca Keenan “Since I was a young girl I have always admired my mother as a strong, giving and compassionate woman. She has taught me to persevere through anything.” — Tara Hengesbach “My mother worked to seamlessly incorporate literature, artwork and music into my preferred youthful lifestyle comprised of bike-riding, basketball and buffoonery. She’s been busy letting me be me for 27 years now.” — Andi Osters “My mother is an amazing woman that is a true role model for women today. She is compassionate, adventurous, hard working and always maintains a positive attitude about life.” — Martha Levandowski “I never felt such love [as my foster mother’s] in my life … She is an extended family not only to me, but also to my children and many of my friends. She opened not only her heart but her life and the lives of her family to us.” — Caron Fenning “[My spiritual mom and mentor] is such a giver of herself, even when people tried to bring her down, she showed me how to stand and weather any storm with dignity!” — Jackie Wilson “[My mother] endured so much as a child, but yet she was able to teach her own children morals and to be responsible. She has taught me to never give up.” — Robyn Cline “[My mother] is my best friend, a conqueror, a beautiful woman inside and out … When the sky seems to be falling down around us, my mom is the solid rock we all cling to, unwavering and undaunted.” — Jennifer Mead “We do come from a line of strong women, but it is the bonds between us that make us even stronger to get through our struggles. The bond between a mother and a daughter is unique and something to be cherished.” — Jill Blust “My mom loves life, my mom loves people, and most importantly, my mom just loves, in my opinion that is to be admired.” — Christina Starks-Clay “My mother believes in fighting for the underdog … My mother fights for what she believes in. She fights for what is right.” — Julie Stephenson “[My mom] is a good helper. I love her so much … She is a good person and has a good heart.” — Kathryn Czewski (6) “I have lots of fun with [my mom]. She is funny, but what I love about her most is she is a wonderful mom.” — Emma Czewski (9) “My mom is the best mom in the world … I love her so much and we will always be connected.” — Emma Grace Hodges (7)

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