City Spotlight: The Annual Sparrow Gala

February is always that month that needs something. Oh, of course it plays host to Presidents’ Day, Valentine’s Day and the ever popular Groundhog Day. And this year February even got an extra day because it was Leap Year. But none of this can brighten up a winter evening like the Sparrow Gala! The joy of picking just the right cocktail dress, jewelry and the perfect pair of shoes, and the fun of seeing the look on that special guy’s face when you remind him “no tux required.” I know this year’s event on Saturday, Feb. 25, was held on a cold evening and it was a home MSU basketball game, but all of it was handled perfectly — valet parking and big screen TVs off the main room for your viewing pleasure. Now that we have taken care of all the little stuff, we’re off to the Sparrow Gala. I thought it might be fun to list the top 10 reasons to buy tickets, so here they are: 10. The really cool ice bar serving two specialty martinis. 9. You can wear last year’s dress because no one remembers! 8. If you ran out of time to return that email or phone call on Friday, the person you need to talk with is probably at the Gala. Problem solved. 7. No waiting for a waiter to bring your dinner; strolling dinner provided. 6. You can play blackjack or shoot craps all night and you won’t have to make an excuse for losing money; all of this while your wife is shopping the silent auction. 5. The opportunity to run into your neighbor that you haven’t seen since last summer, because it’s been too nasty to go outside. 4. You can attend without a date; no one will know or care! The University Club was nearly at capacity. 3. The dessert room was HUGE and you could have all you wanted. And there was ice cream. 2. The band was fabulous and people danced. 1. All of the money raised goes to benefit the state-of-the-art, compassionate care provided by the Sparrow Cancer Center. If you missed the Gala this year, please consider coming next year. The opportunity to spend a fun evening while supporting Sparrow’s Cancer Center is an evening well spent in my book. I know that all of us have been affected by cancer in some way in our lives. This is a wonderful opportunity to give back.

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Deborah Ginsburg

Deborah Ginsburg is a community volunteer and is employed with Sparrow Health System.

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