Community Campaigner: Marilyn Plummer


Even though Lansing resident Marilyn Plummer has 24 years of experience in clerical positions for the Michigan Legislature — 18 years with the House of Representatives and six with the Senate — Plummer does not identify herself as a political person.

Instead, Plummer says she views herself as “kind of like an issues or community advocate.” She prefers serving on committees, such as the Board of Water and Light, and campaigning for social justice issues.

“As time goes on, I certainly appreciate a calendar because I try to make a lot of engagements and support our community,” said Plummer.

Current issues and events she is advocating include the Campaign for Justice and Juneteenth. Plummer, the co-chair for the Lansing Juneteenth, said the celebration will take place in Lansing for the 17th year this summer. Plummer was one of the many pushing for it to become a legal holiday, which it did in 2005.

“We’re trying to get the word out,” said Plummer. “We want to come together, celebrate and share it with the community.”

Plummer has a lot of experience communicating with others and utilizes her network of people to help the greater good. Currently she works as an office manager for Knight Consulting Group Incorporated and as a small business owner. Her business, MDP Financial Services and Consulting LLC, is part of a three-tier business ownership within TFS Financial Store.

She works the evening and weekend shifts for her business and works weekdays at Knight Consulting.

“I am a people person,” Plummer noted. “And I’ve met so many people that have really enriched my life.”

When not working and advocating, Plummer tries to set aside Sundays for “spiritual uplift” and church related activities. With the rest of her spare time, she loves moving her feet in an urban ballroom class she has been attending for nearly four years.

“When business slows down, I enjoy walking,” said Plummer. “I also have three grandsons and I like to make time for them.”

She and her son Stallin’s boys try to take trips annually, many times to attend family reunions in the South.

“My thoughts would be, maybe one day, to move to Tennessee,” said Plummer.

No matter where she goes, she likes to see the Capitol buildings to observe the architecture, since she is so  familiar with Lansing’s own.

“It’s never a dull day in the Legislature,” said Plummer.

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