Cozy Ideas for winter Decorating


Looking for ideas on how to decorate after the month of December? Keep your home extra cozy during the cooler months and bring that warmth to your space. I like to use neutral and natural elements such as birch logs, pinecones, candles, evergreen clippings and more. But there are many ways to keep the spirit alive!

Take your festive decorating ideas beyond the holiday season with these seasonal tips!

  • Use greens: think of the window planters sitting bare in front of your house or use a decorative basket to display some of those Christmas tree clippings you’d normally just throw out
  • Lanterns with candles
  • Winter themed pillows on outdoor furniture
  • Snowman décor
  • Pinecones
  • Wreaths
  • Reindeer décor
  • Wood/birch wood sprinkled in your display
  • Moss
  • Use and mix metallic pieces
  • Mirrored items
  • Sleigh decorations
  • Metal décor (stars, buckets with greenery, etc)
  • If you have plants like boxwood in planters keep them lit with white lights
  • Snowflake décor
  • Plaid blankets or ribbon in your décor

Many of these tips can be used on the inside or outside of your home to keep the winter cozy and bright. Until the snow starts to melt, there is no need to box everything up and put it away. Have some fun this year with your décor style!

Melissa Dowrick

Melissa Dowrick

Melissa Dowrick is a MSU graduate, M3 Group event planner and a dog mom of two. She loves fashion and fall is her favorite season. She embraces all the good things because life is too short to be unhappy!

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