Dapper Dads Challenge!


Wow! What a fun concept, Sparrow’s Women Working Wonders (W3) has hit a home run for sure! The first annual Dapper Dads Challenge event was held Thursday evening, June 10, at Kositchek’s on Washington Square in Lansing. It was a packed house (store) with more than 300 in attendance.

I’m not sure about the rest of the attendees, but I had no idea what to expect: Who came up with this new concept in an event? What is a Dapper Dads Challenge? How is the winner chosen? I know, lots of questions.

The Dapper Dads Challenge was conceived by the Sparrow Foundation’s W3 Committee. W3 uses the money raised at events like the Dapper Dads Challenge to provide support for women’s health needs at Sparrow Hospital. A “Dapper Dad” is a member of our Greater Lansing business community who is willing to participate in a friendly modeling competition for a great cause.

Who are these Dapper Dads? None other than some of our own community leaders: Mark Alley, Jim Bullock, James Butler III, Dr. Michael Clark, Jason Colthorp, Tony Curtis, Tim Daman, Kellie Dean, Tico Duckett, Mike Flowers, Glenn Granger, Dr. Ray Hansen, Chris Holman, Jeff Jackson, Charles Janssen, Don Jefferson, Mike King, Kelly Miller, John Pirich, Jim Robinson, Michael Sekoni, Michael Wall and Dan Warmels.

It wasn’t enough to be cool on the runway, you had to have votes. So the Dapper Dads solicited votes from friends, colleagues, family and customers, not to mention everyone in their e-mail address books. Guests could vote online prior to the event or that evening at Kositchek’s. Each vote for your favorite model cost $5. As the votes rolled in, the competition tightened.

The evening was hosted by Suzy Merchant, head coach of the MSU women’s basketball team, and Sparrow’s own Stella Cash. So the stage was set for a great evening of fun. Kositchek’s provided the models with outfits ranging from a fur bathrobe modeled by former Lansing Police Chief Mark Alley to cool jeans, shirts and sweaters. We all watched as the one by one each of the Dapper Dads strolled, danced and glided down the run way to the cheers and whistles of the crowd.

As the evening drew to a close, the votes were tallied. Our winners were:

1st place: Glenn Granger
2nd place: Kellie Dean
3rd place: Dan Warmels

Congratulations to all the Dapper Dads, you were all fabulous! I hope that the Dapper Dads Challenge will be become an annual event.

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Deborah Ginsburg

Deborah Ginsburg is a community volunteer and is employed with Sparrow Health System.

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