Dating Department: The Last Single Girl

Women often dread being the only single girl as much as we dread trying on bikinis in a dressing room. We have to squeeze into feminine ideals that leave us bursting at the seams with frustration, disappointment and sometimes even embarrassment. I often find myself to be the perpetual single gal. I courageously attend get-togethers as the third, fifth or seventh wheel while my friends and their beloved boyfriends discuss cutesy date plans or romantic getaways. During these moments, I’m usually fantasizing about my own getaways that consist of a good cocktail — by myself. Even my own mother feels bad for my lack of relationships as she continuously tries to sign me up for “The Bachelor.” I normally embrace my career-driven independence but every once in a while I reach a moment of weakness where I have to ask myself “Why am I STILL single?” Sure, I could date the awkward but loyal guy-friend who often resembles an excited puppy, smothering me with attention, sometimes even spitting on my face by accident, but I know that isn’t truly what I want. As I await my elusive prince, I put on a happy face when, for example, my friends receive beautiful bouquets of flowers. Meanwhile, the only flowers I’ve ever gotten were from my neighbor who took me to my eighth grade Valentine’s Day dance. Caught between thoughts of disgust and thoughts of jealousy, I endure countless conversations among my friends regarding dream weddings and perfect proposals. Instances like this make it difficult to be relationship-less, but I remember that life has other interesting things in store for me. Dating is an adventure and maybe we’re single for a reason. For me, that reason is gathering my absurd, yet humorous, dating stories and sharing them here to empower and inspire other women. We must overcome the fear of being the only single girl and tune in to other things life has to offer. As far as I’m concerned none of us have time limits on when we have to find love. Some of us aren’t meant for the same relationship lifestyle as our friends. Bikini or not, it’s time to celebrate the single girl we see in the dressing room mirror instead of commiserating about it. Don’t worry, one day we’ll get to strut our stuff — whether that includes sickening love stories or not is up to us

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