Shiloh M. Wint: Eco-Friendly Focus


“Experience equals growth,” said Shiloh Wint, an environmentally conscientious yoga instructor living in Lansing.

“I believe that all my past experiences have made me who I am. I wouldn’t change anything.”

Wint is a bright and happy person who thrives on her eco-friendly lifestyle. Her favorite foods are local squash and vegan chocolate chip cookie bars — it’s not surprising that the words she lives by are “be happy, healthy and live sustainably.”

And, it’s also not surprising that she has brought her eco-friendly views into her work, choosing to work in a health industry. Wint works at Foods For Living, a health food store in East Lansing.

“All employees own part of the store and have a say in how it’s run,” said Wint.

As deli manager, Wint is an important part of the store. Since all employees have a say in how it’s run, potential changes to the store are discussed at employee meetings.

Wint is also a member of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). She gets deliveries of fresh vegetables from them weekly and uses them in all of her meals.

“I don’t like to waste the food I’m given, so I don’t eat out much,” Wint said.

CSA is a way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from participating farmers. Wint appreciates that, with CSA, she knows where her food has been, and what’s been put in and on her food.

Wint takes joy in knowing that supporting CSA keeps money in the community. Not only is she spending her personal finances locally, but the farmers who receive it will also be spending locally.

On the rare occasion that Wint does eat out, her favorite restaurants are Maru Sushi and Mama Bear’s Café, because they share her personal values; their menus include local and organic options.

Wint especially loves summer for its warmth and because it is the best time for her favorite hobbies: yoga, gardening and rock climbing.

Wint shares her passion for yoga as a local instructor. She teaches yoga at many locations in the tri-county area, including Hilltop Yoga, the Michigan Athletic Club and the University Club. She is also beginning a class in downtown DeWitt.

Wint fears that society won’t become eco-friendly fast enough to save the planet. That is why she does everything she can to help the environment. Her garden is a testament to her determination for a greener world.

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