Fall 2019 Fashion Trends


Fashion – even the word makes some people cringe.

For some, it can be hard to understand. For others, it’s way too much work. If you’re someone who likes to put yourself ahead of the curve, it can mean taking yourself out of your comfort zone and wearing something you have never seen anyone else wear.

That’s me. When it comes to sharing my thoughts publicly, I can be shy and timid; but when it comes to clothes, I can be risky, daring and brave – a completely different person.

That’s what I love about clothes; you can play dress-up and be someone else for a while. It allows me to express myself through a completely different medium.

Fashion and trends have always been a hobby I’ve enjoyed. I loved watching the Paris and New York fashion weeks; not only was the fashion amazing, but so was the music. This obsession is what led me into my profession of styling and personal shopping.

This fall is exciting to me because it calls upon a time in fashion of which I am particularly
fond – the1980s and early 1990s. Everything was overscaled with bright colors and bold patterns. There were big shoulder pads and baggy jackets with wild prints, cinched in with a belt to show off the waist. Go big or go home, right?!

Neon is one of my hands-down favorites for fall. It’s a great splash of color with any monochromatic look. My staple purchase for fall was a pair of neon scrappy heels. I can wear them with jeans and a white T-shirt or for a fun night out with a little black dress. It’s an unexpected pop of color to add to any wardrobe. 

And if you thought animal prints were gone, think again. Fall trends are full of zebra, snake,
tiger and, of course, cheetah spots. In fact, mixing animal prints and neon is the piéce de résistance.

It reminds me of the punk era. Animal prints are edgy and primitive. When mixed with sporty and
fun neon colors of pink, green and yellow, it’s a match made in heaven. A fun side pony, black combat boots, leather jacket, animal-print tee or a great old concert tee and you’re set for a night out with friends. 

The best thing for me about clothes is that they are supposed to be fun. I always recommend to my clients to pick up one key trending piece and mixing it in their wardrobe in different ways. Even if you have an animal-print tee from last season, throw it on with some black combat boots or a neon jacket and you are ahead of the curve.


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