Feathers in Style… Hairstyle, That Is

Step aside bows and barrettes. You’re in competition with a new hairstyle accessory … feathers! Used for years as a decorative component of men’s and women’s hats and occasionally as an element of other apparel, feathers have become popular this year, integrated into tresses in a naturalistic way. Hair accessories can be subtle or bold including black satin bows, sleek barrettes, flowers or even glitter. The new feather look can range across that spectrum, a barely noticeable streak that lends texture while blending with the surrounding hair color or a brighter accent that calls attention to — and corresponds with — the color of a person’s clothing. Hair feathers are turning out to be popular with women of various ages. Emily Zumberg, a sophomore at East Lansing High School, expects to see feathers adorning lots of her peers. Her cousin Lily Brown suggested that she try it, and she likes the color and texture. “It’s fun and different,” she said with a bright smile. Melissa Hepfer, a hair stylist at New Style Salon in East Lansing, said she saw the feather technique demonstrated at a professional show this spring and finds that it works in her own dark hair. She can shampoo and style, expecting that the feathers will stay in place and suit whatever style she chooses for a particular occasion.

Hairfeathers and Fishing?

Yup, There’s a Connection

Brian Bielecki of Nomad Anglers in Okemos has many years’ experience in the fly fishing world, and his shop offers a great variety of materials for tying “dry flies,” used to lure trout and other favorite fish species on Michigan’s world class streams. The array includes the suddenly popular “hackle” feathers from specially-bred roosters. “I never sold so many of these until this hair fashion developed,” he said while the shop buzzed with associates assembling feather packages and customers making their choices. Now he supplies local salons, as well as satisfying individual customers’ desire for the prized hair accessory. Hair styles and accessories come and go, but Bielecki and other fly-fishing aficionados hope that women who like feathers in their hair may also develop an appreciation for fly fishing. Fly Girl member Dorothy Schram says, “It can help you connect with your instinctive self. It is a great connection to water, and done in beautiful places. It is (about) hunting and stalking, but no kill is necessary to enjoy the sport. Oh, and it is a lot of fun!”
Ellen Hardy is the Executive Director of the Capital Area Center for Independent Living, which encourages and supports persons with disabilities to make lifestyle choices that best suit their individual situation. When Hardy found herself facing a milestone birthday, she decided that having a few feathers in her hair would be a professional-looking way to celebrate and enhance her personal style. “I’ve had nothing but compliments, including (one) at a national professional conference this summer,” Weaver said. She finds the feathers easy to care for, and recently decided to add another one. Vicki Brown — co-owner of New Style Salon — has become very experienced at inserting the feathers for her customers. “My clients trust me to help them look their best, and this is an excellent accessory for many of them,” she said. Brown is one of many Lansing area hairstylists now offering the service. An informal survey indicated that prices start from $10 for the first, plus $8 for additional feathers. [nggallery id=143]

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