Five Social Media No-Nos


Manners for the Modern-Day

Contrary to what you may sometimes observe happening in your Facebook news feed, one should always strive to use good manners on social media conversations, just as you would if you were in person. There are so many distasteful things that can happen if we don’t mind our social media p’s and q’s that I may have to cover others in future columns. Without further ado, here are the top five do’s and don’ts for looking your best on social media platforms.

No.1 : One must remember that they aren’t called “platforms” for nothing. You are up on a stage with the harsh light of public scrutiny shining upon you every time you unleash a post or a twit or whatever other kind of communication you send into the ethernet. (Is that even still a thing, the ethernet?)

Anyway, once they are out there, these communications — be they memes or mums, or videos, or your own little musing — are very hard to call back. A so-called GIF, whatever that is, can quickly become a gaff that makes you look like a goof. Think of these communications as potential hounds of hell, for they can chomp great holes in your reputation, may cause you to be fired or prevent you from getting a job.

No. 2: Never communicate on social media when you’re tired or angry, when you’ve had even a bit too much to drink, or if you are otherwise impaired in that way that is legal in so many places these days.

No. 3: Avoid using all capital letters since PEOPLE WILL THINK YOU ARE SCREAMING. That was unpleasant, wasn’t, what I did there? Use capital letters sparingly and never to be unkind.

No. 4: Do not post pictures of others without their permission and use caution when tagging — or is it tugging — someone. What if they called in sick to be at that party? What if they don’t appreciate that picture of them playing pantyhose bowling? Worse, they may ignore your tag/tug, making you look like someone even your friends don’t notice on social media.

No. 5: Last, but certainly not least: Never comment on the weight of someone’s cat, no matter that it looks like a boulder that just rolled out of a quarry.

That’s all we have time for today, but we will pick up on this topic again.

Always remember, dear hearts, a good day is a well-mannered day!


Yours, Phyllis


Teece Aronin

Teece Aronin is a blogger and columnist. Teece writes a humor/health and wellness column for the Oakland Press and is the Featured Writer for October at Her artwork is available at the store, phylliswalter, and Teece seriously considers any request for workshops, coaching, and speaking engagements. Read her blog at, contact her at and follow her on Twitter @taronin

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