Gift Guide 2018


Each year, our staff loves to share their holiday gift ideas. It’s interesting to note there is a common thread: Gifts from the heart, gifts that come with memories and gifts of time.

Happy holidays from the staff of M3 Group!

Tiffany Dowling

As I’ve aged a bit, I am less interested in material things and more inclined to give and request experiential gifts. These do not have to cost a lot of money. It’s more about spending time with people you care about or trying something new. Or, the best would be trying a new activity together.

Heather Thielking

My ideal gift is a practical one. Create a basket of goodies combining everyday useful items with some unique, fun pieces. It’s best to stick with a theme, whether it be housewarming, spa day, baking, coffee lover or travel. The options are endless!

Kyle Dowling

I really like board games and there’s some great new games that have come out in the past couple years. It’s a great gift and a great way to get your friends and family together!

Michael Cagney

I like to get people tickets to events (sports, concerts, shows). If you buy yourself a ticket/multiple tickets for a group, you get to share the experience with them, making it even more special.

Adam Smith

Gift lists are super-important. I always ask what someone has on their list and try to get them something that they have specifically asked for. They are happy, I’m happy and you don’t run the risk of regifting!

Pat Dowling

I like to give monthly subscriptions to services like Mystery Tackle Box for the fisherman in the family, Under Armour’s ArmourBox for the athlete or My Garden Box for the gardener.

Jeanette Wummel

I love creating memories with gifting tickets to a theater event, a day at the spa, movie tickets, a painting class, an escape room session, a laser tag session, membership to a museum or a trip to try out whitewater rafting.

Jill Bailey

I love to give scratch-off lottery tickets because it’s something people usually don’t buy for themselves. When they win, they are so excited!

Avanti Kantumuchu

I feel that a gift is something that reminds you of the one who gave it. I think indoor plants, which grow just like our relations, or chimes would be a good idea to add beauty to one’s home.

Mary Gajda

I have certain friends who I give the same variation of gifts to year after year. For example, my best guy friend gets a new pocket square from me every year. It’s fun to keep a tradition going.

Ami Iceman-Haueter

The Mitten State is a proud place and I love to give something that fits the person and makes them think of home. A mitten pillow, a cute Michigan charm, a T-shirt with some outlandish outdoor saying are all great gifts, or check out Homesick Candles so you can give the gift of home for anywhere!

Jennifer Hodges

I have family in different states so during the holidays we use the app Giftster. Everyone in your Giftster group can see what has been purchased so there are not duplicate gifts. I know when using this app my family members are receiving gifts they asked for, which means NO returns!

Alicia Finch

I think giving a gift of thought is a great gift. When someone sees that you clearly put thought into the gift given, it can warm their heart! Think about something that really connects you and that person, think of something that they really love, something that reminds you of them or vice versa, or something that they will forever cherish.

Megan Fleming

For the person who loves being crafty, look up a cute craft online and get the pieces for it. When they open their gift, they have a fun project to work on and will have a perfect keepsake!

Liz Reno-Hayes

If you are looking for a truly unique gift for someone – goat yoga! Michigan is one of only seven states that offers Original Goat Yoga, where you can take a yoga class and have adorable baby goats to play with! Check out Hilltop Views Farm!

Rich Adams

I love giving books as gifts. If I know a person’s likes, I can customize the book to their interests. If it is an unknown, I choose a book such as Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point” or “One Summer” by Bill Bryson about the summer of 1927 (which includes local mentions.)

Adam Landsell

Coffee enthusiasts will rave about the superiority of a French-pressed cup from home, but they might agree that it’s not exactly convenient. The Presse by bobble is a game changer. When paired with an electric kettle and a freshly ground bag of your favorite blend, this portable tumbler allows you to nix inconvenience without sacrificing quality!

Mark Warner

I like to share my hobbies with friends and family – like camping and hiking. You can find great deals this time of year, like 20-40 percent off at online retailers. I’ll go with stocking stuffers like water bottles, hats and headlamps – or go big and buy me a new tent. I mean for your loved ones of course.

Zach Krieger

I like to give the gift of music, movies, games and comics/books – sounds nerdy, but I love sitting on the couch with the missus listening to records and playing games or reading.

Joyce Ruttan

I like to buy an ornament for an event that has happened during the year – engagement, wedding, pregnancy, new baby. It’s a gift to keep and cherish.

Cody Fell

I think art supplies are a great gift for anyone, even if they aren’t necessarily artistic. Whether it’s something as simple as a coloring book or a set of Dr. Ph. Martin’s watercolors for your aspiring artist. Either way, it’s a great gift to get people much-needed time away from screens.

Morgan Larsen

I like to give DIY gifts for Christmas. I think it’s more meaningful and is a gift straight from the heart!

Kelly Mazurkiewicz

Petlandia. This unique, personalized storybook is hand-illustrated and custom to your pet. Visit and in a few minutes you can create a pawsome story book for any pet-lover on your list!

Quandrel Ollie

When I give gifts, I always try to give in a way to make the recipient really happy. I try not to buy a gift just because. I want to give something that the person would actually be excited about; if I can afford it, I’ll get it.

Zach Dowling

Lotions are an easy-to-find gift at just about any store. It makes a great gift for my girlfriend, mom and grandma, and everyone loves them.

Christopher Nagy

When possible, I like to give something that has an emotional connection to the person receiving it. When my parents had to cut down the backyard crabapple tree last year that my brother and I spent our childhoods climbing, I made sure to save a section to make as a clock for my brother so he would always have a piece of the tree. 

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