Grow and Give: Malinda Barr


Following in her mother’s footsteps, Malinda Barr, resident of Haslett, spends a great amount of time volunteering. In fact, Barr noted that she works just enough to meet her needs and pay her bills, and spends the rest of her time volunteering.

“I don’t work to make a million dollars,” said Barr. “I want to volunteer and give back to the community.”

Currently she is the media coordinator for Common Ground, past-president of the Meridian Area Business Association and co-chair for the Meridian Asset Resource Center. She also participates in the fundraising efforts for the Meridian Library Project and much more.

“I believe you make your own opportunities with the actions and reactions that you perform,” said Barr. “I’m all about helping everybody I know get what
they want.”

This philosophy holds true in her career choice as a professional business coach. Barr is self-employed and works on contract with clients, typically short term. Over the past 13 years, her business, Get Up And Grow, has evolved from specializing in just special projects and consulting to network training to public speaking and more.

“For three to four years in a row, I did hardly anything but public speaking,” Barr said. “It became natural; I have no qualms about standing in front of a group of people — I can run a room.”

Her number of clients per year changes with the job description, but she is flexible enough to offer a wide range of trainings in a business setting. Currently she is looking into political campaigns after being approached by a few individuals asking for her services in that area.

One of her favorite things to do in her spare time is color as a creative outlet. According to Barr, she has no artistic ability to start something from scratch, but loves to color and expand on the lines and drawings that are already provided in books and premade pages. She also loves to travel, go boating and make candles.

Additionally, Barr is known for throwing great parties. The most infamous party she has thrown was in celebration of her wedding. The kicker was that nobody knew that it was her wedding: they thought that they were having a company pig roast.

In order to do this, Barr and her husband Dave planted a minister in the audience. The only person present who knew that they were planning to wed, aside from the minister, was Barr’s sister, because she had a conference the same weekend and was planning on skipping the festivities.

“Everyone was surprised, and Dave’s dad couldn’t fathom that we would get married outside,” said Barr. “We got married in our jeans under the black walnut tree in our yard.”


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