Hormonal Imbalance … A Mood Swinging Musical Revue


Dierdre Flint, Sally Fingerett, Debi Smith and Nancy Moran

Hormonal Imbalance … A Mood Swinging Musical Revue features songs that document the lives of Four Bitchin’ Babes. No really, that’s what the women call themselves. The “Babes” will be performing their seventh recording, Hormonal Imbalance, at the Charlotte Performing Arts Center on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 8 at 7 p.m. The “Babes” write songs about contemporary issues they deal with in life. Group member Sally Fingerett said everyone in the audience can relate to at least some of the songs, since the women have a variety of experiences and lifestyles. “The issues of a person who is single will be different than the issues of someone who has been married twice, but all those issues will be on that stage because there are four different views on that stage,” said Fingerett. “We get a lot of stuff covered.” Touring as the four Babes today are Fingerett, Debi Smith, Deirdre Flint and Nancy Moran. The women are from Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. Some are married, some have kids. One is a comedienne, and one writes jingles. All four are musicians and hope to bring their audiences an evening of fun and pleasure. “We hope they just enjoy themselves and that it’s a good time — laugh,” Fingerett said. “Life is very complicated, and life is very difficult for very many, and with the economy the way it is, if you’re going to put money down on a ticket, you have the right to expect a really wonderful evening. We want to transport people out of their miseries and problems and into something fun and wonderful.” The original Babes formed 21 years ago when four gal pals went on a road show and decided to record their final show in Washington D.C., which became their first album, Buy Me, Bring Me, Take Me, Don’t Mess My Hair, Life According to Four Bitchin Babes Vol. 1 released in 1990. Since then, the babes have released seven more albums. Fingerett is one of the original babes, and said her music has changed as she experiences life. “(Our music) has changed as our lives have changed. And our audiences have grown up with us, which means the people who went and saw the Four Bitchin’ Babes in 1991 still come and see us in 2011 — their lives have changed as well,” she said. The babes perform 40-50 shows each year. They fly into a city from their different home states and perform three to four shows in a weekend. Every night is like a slumber party with the women, sharing a hotel and pizza after shows. They have become best friends. “I want to do this until I’m 80,” Fingerett said. “I want to still be touring and doing shows like this with girlfriends till the end of time. I love it.”

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