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Last week while browsing an antique store that had seen better days, I found these old glass insulators.They were thrown on the floor in a dirty, old bucket. I cautiously dug through them, waiting for something to scurry out — it was bit creepy in this place — and picked out three that looked most similar in color. Not knowing at the time exactly what I’d use them for or really what they were, I loved their weight, unique shape and embossed words on the sides. They had sort of an industrial elegance to them. As I began researching these little gems, I learned they were the means of insulating communication wires starting in the later 1800s. Pretty cool, eh? They were also made in a beautiful array of colors and are quite the collector’s items. So, next time you’re scavenging through an old antiques store be sure to be on the lookout for these! Supplies and how-to: Supplies: old fence piece or wood; aluminum 18 gauge wire; ¾ inch screws; ¾ inch screws; painter’s tape
  1. Cut wood to necessary length for insulators. If desired, use the painter’s tape to paint pattern.
  2. Paint. I first painted a base color of off-white then added the tape and finished with a light blue.
  3. Wrap the aluminum wire around the insulators a few times and make sure it’s closer to the top in order to stabilize their hanging. Secure the wire ends by coiling it. This creates an apex in which to hang the insulators.
  4. Space screws out according to your measurements and screw them into the wood.
Finish for hanging: Add one additional screw to the backside and wrap wire around the screw to create a loop for hanging. Hang the glass insulator pendants. Don’t want to fuss with hanging? Set the votives in a seasonal wreath for the fall season. [nggallery id=190]

Tags: DIY, Lighting, Wall decor

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