Local Men: Patrick Day

Patrick Day celebrates his first-ever Father’s Day as a dad this month. His daughter Emerson was born in April. Along with that celebration, he’s looking forward to the summer season with his Lansing Lugnuts minor league baseball team. Q: WHAT IS IT LIKE MANAGING THE LANSING LUGNUTS? A: It’s an extreme honor to be general manager of the Lugnuts, one of the most successful minor league teams in the country. It’s a 24/7 job. I’m constantly on the go managing lots of different departments on the business side of things. My favorite part is working with the people I’m fortunate enough to work with, from the employees to the fans. Q: ARE YOU EXCITED FOR THE SUMMER BASEBALL SEASON? A: I think it’s going to be absolutely awesome, especially now that the weather is warming up. We’ve got an awesome brand and awesome fans, and so we’re looking forward to an awesome 2011 season. Q: HOW IS IT BEING A NEW FATHER? A: My daughter Emerson was born April 23, and it’s going great. Everybody tells you how great it is and how your life starts changing, but you don’t really know until it happens. It’s been an incredible experience.  Everybody likes to share advice with you, but I just had the mindset going in that babies had been born for centuries and centuries. I figured my wife and I were smart enough that we’d be able to figure it out. The most nerve-racking thing was wondering if the wife and the baby were going to be healthy. I never knew you could love something so much. I’m looking forward to watching her grow and knowing that I’ll be able to teach her and lead her while she’s young. Q: ANY MAJOR CHANGES IN TERMS OF BALANCING HOME AND WORK LIFE? A: I’m able to shut down from work a lot quicker when I get home, and I’m able to put the focus on my wife and Emerson. I’ve always been a night owl, so the sleep thing’s not an issue.

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