Local Women: Alexis Hilliar-Hine

“Helping Others Through Words and Service” Occupation: Intensive Care Unit Nurse at Sparrow Hospital, co-author of So- You’ve Survived Cancer, Now What? Residence: Charlotte Family: Partner, Andrea; Calen, daughter Hobbies: Yoga and anything that’s peaceful. Alexis Hilliar-Hine knows what it’s like to have cancer impact your life and others around. Hilliar-Hine is a co-author of So-You’ve Survived Cancer. Now What? When Hilliar-Hine is not helping people through her book, she is helping patients in the intensive care unit at Sparrow Hospital. To learn more about Hilliar-Hine or to purchase the book, visit: http://soyouvesurvivedcancer.com/. Q: What do you hope So-You’ve Survived Cancer. Now What? can do for others? A: A cancer diagnose can be debilitating, like your body has betrayed you. I hope it can be inspiring and help someone through a dark time. I hope it enlightens and enriches someone’s life. This book is so dear to me and I wrote it for myself. It was private until it was published. I hope it brings hope, faith and whatever energy someone needs. Q: Why did you want to become a nurse? A: For years I worked in emergency services as an emergency medical technician and in message therapy for a while. As an intensive care unit nurse I can make a difference by holding their hand or whatever else they need. It’s a chance for me to give back, even if it’s just one person. Q: How does it feel to be a nurse having had cancer? A: I always felt more in-tune with what was going on. I can help family members deal with a diagnosis. It has helped me to become a better nurse and to sympathize and empathize more with my patients. Cancer has allowed me to see things in a different light and treat my patients differently in a more holistic manner.

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